Tuesday, November 18, 2014

... you're the rays on the waves that calm my mind - oh, every time ...

Alternatively titled - My Worst Race Yet (and best cupcake)

I had big plans for the Summerville Sweet Tea Half Marathon, y'all. I had been training, eating right, getting faster. This was going to be it. My new PR. My sub 2 hour half. The course was flat and fast. The pack was only 600. There were numerous aid stations. Saturday was going to be THE DAY. The boy's mom made me pumpkin pancakes and I had plenty of time at the start ...

Life had other plans.

Guys, it was cold. Unbearably cold. You people from cold places - how do you even run. HOW?!?! The highest the temperature got while I was running was 37 degrees. I was wearing two sets of Target cheapo gloves like these, earmuffs like these, a zip with long sleeves, long capri tights, and knee socks. I WAS STILL COLD AT THE FINISH.

See you in the spring!

The cold lead to trouble breathing, non-nonsensical cramps, and by mile two I felt like this was going to be a DNF instead of a PR. I decided to run through the wicked cramping and try to enjoy it. Eventually the pain subsided. I tried to focus on the fun aspect of the run. These things are supposed to be fun, right?

And it was fun! To rewind a little and brag on the race organizers, the packet was awesome (a bag I will actually use again with GOOD local info) and the shirt was one of the cutest I have yet seen. And I got a space blanket. I earned that sucker.

The aid stations were great and there were music stations to keep you motivated. The course highlighted the old neighborhoods in town and all of their charm. A local bike trail made up some of the course, and you could tell they were developing it a lot like the Swamp Rabbit trail in Greenville.
And then the highlight of the race occurred - I ran through my grandparent's old neighborhood.

Nanna and Pappy moved into a home before they needed to, but they left an awesome old house in the old part of town in order to get medical security. It had been a long time since I had seen the place. I ran past it around mile 10. I swear someone was cutting onions on that street.

NewImageAt the end of the race, I beat myself up a little about the run. Thankfully, I have discovered that apparently running better in either hot or cold weather is an actual 'runner thing' and not me sucking. The fella runs better in the cold and I DO NOT. I was also to see this on Hungry Runner Girl today - so timely!

Maybe I was also over-hydrated. I drink a lot of water before races and usually I sweat it out, but it was not so this time. More info to file away for later.

Cuddled in the shiny embrace of my space blanket, the fella  and I perused the swag bag. With my bib I earned not only a free mimosa from Accent on Wine, but also a free Beer from Homegrown Brewhouse. What better way to deal with the cold and soul-crushing defeat? The wine store was classy and full of nifty little hostess gifts, but I was more excited about the Brewhouse ...

40 taps, mostly local and best of all ...

Cupcake partnership with the bakery next door. This is a lemon saison cupcake folks. McFella had to fight me for bites.

After we went and visited Nanna and Pappy and I was able to honor a very special and handsome 90 year old veteran. With a medal, no less! The medal was super cute and he wore it around all day. I think he's a little proud of me or something.

What a charmer! That lucky lady in red is my Nanna. Looking good for their 90's!

And those race shirt pictures? Sabotaged by a stampeding Dane!

I hope you get the general idea.

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