Monday, November 10, 2014

... I'm passive & aggressive. I'm scared of the dark and the dentist. I love my butt and won't shut up ...

Lady Faulk did this, and it looks fun - so AWAY WE GO!

Questionnaire (with alterations) from Stress and Stars who borrowed it from Flora & Fauna

Making: I kinda got introspective and like making lists and am currently a bit of a morbid phase. At the encouragement/suggestion/comment-I-probably-over-analyzed of a delightful person I met at the Greenville Craft Beer Festival I am making a list of what scares me - what really scares me. I feel like I let my fears run me and actually admitting what those fears are helps me to manage my crazy behaviors. Zombies are on the list.

Cooking: This weekend I made one pot pumpkin pasta. I made it my own by using a mix of milk, fat free half and half, and chicken broth as the wet ingredients. I used the whole can of pumpkin, and also used sage, fresh garlic, and smoked salt as my main spices. I cooked it with chicken thighs, and cracked some eggs over the finished pasta. I also sprinkled Parmesan cheese over the top. So, I didn't really follow the recipe in anything but spirit. It was wonderful and messy and I needed the carbs after my long run this weekend. 

Plans for the week include (if I ever get to the store) - Pasta e Cece but I will have to somehow include eggplant because DEAR GOD the amount of eggplant in my fridge. Also these, because LORDY the amount of beets from my cropshare! Beet Hash with Eggs and Beet Barley Risotto with Ricotta.

Missing: DANCING. Blues and Contra and ... dancing. Running kinda fills the void but dancing just fills me up in ways I can't describe.

Drinking: Coffee. Is that even a question? Plain ol’ Starbucks medium roast with Splenda and caramel/marshmallow creamer. By the 24oz serving, naturally. And SodaStream.

Reading: Dune, still. A scholarly article about ADHD and exercise. Too many emails. Biographies of Amy Tan. Also – reading into things. That’s very much a thing.



This dress -

This sweater -
 Clearly I missed my calling as a librarian/archeologist/Nazi hunter.

Looking: A bit under-slept and windswept. I did remember my mascara and Magical Angela lipstick, so no kids have asked me if I am sick yet. Monday success.

Playing: PVZ2 and Don’t Starve. Send me more game demos on Steam!

Wasting: Time. Not working on my cross-post properly - Sorry Dr. Housewife! Writer's block!

Wishing: That these chairs had butt padding. Geez.

Enjoying: My coffee and a little bit of peace and quiet. The calm before the storm. Dreams of fireside holidays. One of my coworkers telling me what is happening on reality TV because I don't have cable.

Waiting: For the moment I can put on my comfy fuzzy socks and curl up in my bed with Leaf!

Liking: This time that I have to be still. It is odd, but very restful/comfortable/reminiscent of college. And for my acceptance letter.

Wondering: How the hell budgeting and Christmas are gonna play nicely together.

Loving: My two week hot yoga pass to Southern Om. Anyone want to join me?

Hoping: That my tutoring hours go through on THIS pay period. We're talking 26 hours of OT pay here, people.

Needing: New riding boots (my cheap brown ones have holes in the heels). Some extra sleep. More time to read. An extra ounce of patience.

Smelling: The last little handful of my lime and salt popcorn from lunch. Might need to finish that …

Wearing: Knockoff Target Toms, Old Navy fuchsia and white rugby striped sweater and navy slacks, stolen Duke Energy pullover. I am comfy and warm, but look like a bag lady.

Noticing: How much Spanish I have lost!

Knowing: Not half of you half as well as I would like ...

Thinking: About how I am possibly going to make it through this tutoring session and get 7 miles in tomorrow. And the CPI on the half day Wednesday. And how on earth the race on Saturday will go.

Giggling: ... Um. No. Because I am …

Feeling: Judged by my giggling co-workers.

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