Monday, November 17, 2014

... gotta feel it, body takes control, really need it, need it ...

Just in case you didn't already know, there is a new hip joint in Downtown Greenville. I mean - it's not like the place isnt already brimful with excellent places to eat and play and adventure and waste time ... but now we have a dueling piano bar.

Jack and Diane's is a charming little place that is sparsely decorated but becomes surprisingly cozy. Don't let the militant attitude about IDs and the strict capacity count get you down - this place is where it's at! And worth a wait in line if it comes down to it. One of my sweet friends won a private party with free appetizers and cheap drinks for herself and 24 of her besties. I went and dragged along someone so that we could max out the funtimes.

Having never been to a piano bar I was unprepared for the craziness that was about to unfold.

The food was mediocre and fried (but FREE), the drinks were OK (bear in mind I was only drinking draft beer, so no real comment on the strength/quality of the mixed stuff). But the music, guys.

All of the musicians were excellent and on key, and all of the performers were completely inappropriate and potty-mouthed. The songs were great for dancing to, and the performers had us cutting up from the third song. It was like karaoke for the shy - you could belt it at the table with your pals and not worry about the repercussions. The way to get your songs played is to tip generously, and I had no cash monies. But I seriously enjoyed listening to all the other songs that were picked.

One word of warning - don't go there on or near your birthday. You do not want to get serenaded. Not in this day and age, with smartphones and such.

I still feel a little bad for Danny. Poor, poor Danny.

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