Saturday, November 22, 2014

... from your feet up to your hair, more than anything I swear ...

Ladies, let's take a second to consider our foundation garments. Skivvies. BVDs. Panties. Intimates. Drawers. Jockey shorts. Bloomers. Smallclothes. Pants. Lingerie. Briefs.


Underwear can be pretty and girly. I like lace and satin just as much as the next girl. Underpants are also functional - we all have our granny panties and our girlboxers we lounge in. And did anyone else's mom tell them to always wear clean, decent underwear in case you had to go to the hospital? I highly doubt that will be the thing nurses are discussing if I was in a wreck.

There's the no skivvies crowd, the thong club, and everyone has their favorite style or brand. There' s the lucky underwear, the date panties, and the ones with holes that need to get thrown away. When your favorite kind of underwear is discontinued, it is truly a tragic day. It's worse than no longer being able to find your favorite bra or jeans.

And you guys, I can no longer find my favorite underwear for running. I'm not usually underwear elitist or really have a strong opinion about underwear. But now that I have started running, the correct layers are essential. When you start moving fast and you're afraid that your thighs are going to catch fire and weird things start chafing ... the right underwear becomes crucial.

Thankfully, most of the year (in the South, anyhow) we can get away with athletic shorts with built in liners. Underwear and pants are a package deal! Also, sport skirts with built in boy shorts. Done and done. No need for added tighty whiteys.

But there doesn't seem to be a solution for what to wear with shorts like these.

And what about with capris and leggings? You have to deal with VPL or the danger of your crotch catching fire due to chafe if the fit isn't 100% perfect. Even tried and true capris can turn on you. This has happened to me before. It is NOT good/pretty.

So I am considering (perhaps, maybe) trying some fancy-pants running undies if I can find my preferred backup drawers soon. These are even super cute!

But guys, there is just no way in heck this is going to happen ...

I mean, seriously.

Advice? Tales of woe? Horrified? Tell me about it in the comments.

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