Thursday, November 20, 2014

... when you start to get confused because of thoughts in your head - don't feel those feelings, hold them in instead ...

If you have the chance (and are not easily offended) you need to get out to see The Book of Mormon. My cousin and I were able to see it recently at The Peace Center and even though it made for a late night and was a bit of a drive ...


I am a big fan of Broadway musicals, and have seen several over the years and each has their own place in my heart. Oklahoma is just plain fun and full of romance, The Sound of Music is like soul food, and Phantom of the Opera just makes you want to cry from how beautiful it is. The Peace Center puts on an amazing show, every single time.

And this musical? It is the perfect irreverent, sassy, skeptical comedy. Tap-dancing Mormons? Check. Foul language? Check. Sassy characters and satirical comedy? Double check.

Do yourself a favor and go (or watch these two videos).

Before the show, we were able to have a long catch-up at Chicora Alley. She loves this place and we used to eat there frequently when she was in school in Greenville, If you decide to go - know this - the portion sizes are generous! A half nacho was more than enough for me as an early dinner with and sharing and I don't think I have ever seen anyone clear their plate during a meal there. All of the funky salsas and home-cooking touches like the fried mac&cheese make this an excellent choice for a dinner out in downtown, Go early and go hungry!

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