Thursday, November 13, 2014

... if you wanna keep me, keep me like you lost it ...

Hopefully I didn't bore you tears with my science-ing. If you have any article topics/suggestions please let me know via the comments/smoke signals.

Today would've been a perfect day to curl up in a hammock outside (under a quilt) and read fiction while drinking Irish coffee. It is delightfully overcast and dreary, and the bright leaves contrast perfectly with the heavy clouds that look like they are carrying in winter. The cold is coming, the animals are quiet. The children, on the other hand, are restless - full of anticipation and fear and senior projects. Excited about family get togethers and more energetic since some fall sports are ending. Fleece lined leggings are very popular amongst the young ladies. The young gentleman are gravitating toward eithermany pairs of pants or huge puffer-coats. I want to wear my leather-bottomed sweater-socks and my yoga leggings and a oversize collegiate sweatshirt. 

None of us are allowed to wear these things at school.

As a way of preparing for winter, I blew my budget on new boots. To be fair, my Intaglia boots that I have worn for over a year that came from zulily have worn out in the heels, so this is a legitimate need.

More boots were on sale on zulily today from the same comapny. I debated BUT I decided to splurge for real leather ones from Target as they are on sale. They even had wide calf boots (which this runner gal desperately needs). I got brown and the black. I blame Franish for my even knowing these boots existed. At least I didn't get the blanket scarf yet. However, this plaid skirt from Old Navy may prove irresistible ...

I will cut something else out of the budget, I suppose.

I am also soul searching for reasonable Christmas present ideas. I am a crazy Christmas elf (once Thanksgiving is over).

Pinterest is no help AT ALL for the un-crafty who are oddly drawn to attemping to be crafty. 

The coffee-pot banter today revolved around this article and the #breaktheinternet photo series. Even without cable, I cannot escape the Kardashians. Or their butts.


  1. The answer to crafty but not too fussy budget friendly people pleasing Christmas presents is cookies (or fudge). Search your feelings, you know it to be true.

  2. I know it to be true - but some people on my list do not NEED these things as they are already excellent at making their own, which are more delicious than mine!

    I'm thinking about coupons you can redeem for me not uploading my runs to Runtastic.