Tuesday, November 25, 2014

... when we get home our hands are bleeding - so we go to church ...


I spent this past Saturday night exploring my fair burg's blossoming art scene at a nifty space called The Artistry. This spot/gallery participates in Greenville's First Friday series and has several events a year. It is a little removed from the rest of the galleries downtown, which may be why I was unaware of the fact that this gem existed until I learned of the event coming up.

to start at the beginning - one of my cool friends introduced me to a band called Wasted Wine a little while back. I liked their gypsy/rock sound and the group they preform with - Discordia Arts. They put on quite the Dia de Los Muertos show at The WARD.

Based off of my awesome experience at the previous show, I went to Vulcanalia 2014 in Greenville.
It looked like it was going to be cold (at least by SC standards), so I bundled up. I was needlessly layered as they had bonfires, heat-lamps, and people dancing about most of the evening.

I arrived fairly early, so I was able to see some people working in the studio - one person was grinding down some sort of metal sculpture, and another artist was making things that looked like peace lilies by flattening and hammering thin pieces of metal affixed to dowel-looking metal rods. It was really fascinating. Had I not heard the announcement that the fashion show was about to start, I would have just watched them work most of the evening.

The fashion show featured several of local shops, and was awesome -
Photo property of John Gillespie Photography LLC - http://www.johngillespiephoto.com/

Photo property of John Gillespie Photography LLC - http://www.johngillespiephoto.com/

 After the fashion show, it was time for Wasted Wine's set with performances from Discordia Arts. There was fire hula-hooping, and fire dancing, and belly dancing, and just plain awesomeness. for a little sample of what the music and dancing looked like - check these out!

Wasted Wine

Discordia Arts

 After the set, a wood sculpture was set on fire and some people did some acro-yoga. I decided to try out the Good to Go Mobile Kitchen food truck. I had Low Country Hash - which was just like frogmore stew but chopped into forkable pieces. It was just what I needed after a long run that morning and a late-ish night out.

All in all, this was quite the amazing event and I was thrilled to have been able to go! I am looking forward to another show The Artistry is giving in May, featuring one of my favorite Greenville artists - Emily Clarke!

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