Monday, April 29, 2013

... you seem to prefer bitter endings, the only type that your hands can hold ...

Friday was a ‘just in case it snows’ day in my district, and there was no winter weather in the Upstate – so … I had the day off. It was nice having a nuclear Friday, like the boy and many of my buddies.
What did I do with that day off, you might ask? Slept in, went to 9Round and worked out, got home and changed before heading to the wisdom tooth doctor, gave Goodwill some stuff that was in my closet and needed to GO, bought nude heels for prom/weddings in the fall, drove home, ‘made’ a slipcover, fixed a rip in a dress, cooked a meal, packed my stuff for a few days in Greenville, pre-cleaned for the cleaners, chatted with my roommate, made it to a hair appointment almost on time, and had a hot date with the boy.

Not too shabby, if I do say so myself.

My wisdom tooth doctor (Dr. Bowie, who looks NOTHING like David Bowie,which is sad) said that it will not be nearly as bad as I had envisioned – no chipping teeth out, no ripping my face off, etc. I filled out a form as long as my arm asking all sorts of impertinent questions, a few of which I had to call my aunt for answers to (Have you ever taken diet pills? Is there diabetes in your family? Are you on a diet? Have you ever had a mental health issue? OMG DOES ANYONE IN YOUR FAMILY HAVE ALLERGIES TO THESES MEDICATIONS OR HAVE THEY HAD ISSUES WITH ANESTHESIA?) and did not hand it over to the good Dr. until we had a good talk about how I was to be very VERY sedated. And that needles and I did not get along. He tried to laugh it off but I did not let him. When he, through a series of incredulous questions, discovered that I have -
· never had a surgery
·never given blood successfully
·never had an IV
· had issues filling vials for blood tests
he became much more reassuring and promised me LOTS of happy gas and a butterfly needle. He showed me the nerves he could hit in my face leaving it numb/hard to move and gave me statistics on how unlikely it was. Then he asked if I wanted them out next week.  Apparently he’s confident, but he’s not touching my teeth for a few months.

I would've let him do them on the spot if he looked like David Bowie.

My attempt at a love-seat slipcover was a Pinterest #NAILEDIT! moment –I ended up stuffing a sheet around the darn love-seat to make it somewhat presentable.The stripy one is my ‘creation’. The blue one is a cheap Wal-Mart cover. Darn you, Pinterest, for making me feel like I could accomplish this!

Ugly love-seat BEFORE 'slipcover'.

What my other furniture looks like 'naked'. Charming.

Sofa 'clothed'.

Love-seat - 'covered'.
I will be tweaking this, obviously. 

I love having my hair done, so is it any surprise that I am in love with Aveda’s Braid Bar?
Do yourself a favor - go. Ask for Lawrence. Revel in the awesome that is a perfectly braided updo. Feel like a million bucks – because I totally did. I may actually get a haircut there one of these days. My hair looked awesome until ... well. It got mussed. Life happens. BUT it looked like this for HOURS ...

No actual photos, because I don't plan things well. BUT TRUST ME, I was a pretty, pretty princess.

Saturday involved a trip to the zoo. The boy and I recklessly played on wet playground equipment and observed elephants taking part in coprohagia. I was disgusted, of course. 

While I was gallivanting, Bridethulu picked a bridesmaid dress for me.It will have a sash with a bow, which violated my ONE RULE of dress selection,but the dress itself is – dare I say it – re-wearable!

And then, ladies and gents, I got to go somewhere even more special than the zoo. I got to go to American Grocery. Words cannot begin to describe the awesomeness of this establishment. HOLY CTHULHU IN HEAVEN. Just go. Give them your money. Be in absolute awe. I have never in my life eaten such EXQUISITE foods. I got beef tongue and it was magnificent –the goat tacos were awesome –the desert was marvelous – and the beverages were perfect … staff was helpful and gave tips on food prep. I was just delighted by the entire experience. Way to go for date night, handsome! This is definitely a SPECIAL DATE establishment, and I am a lucky, silly, giddy girl-creature.

Sunday was girl’s brunch, and we finally got to try Southern Culture. Bottomless mimosas slung by a David Tennant look-alike named Drew and gossip paired well with the hearty, homey food. It’s a solid brunch joint. Blue Ridge Brewery is still my favorite – but this is a close second.

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