Wednesday, May 8, 2013

... you sell the song for the noise ...

Well, THIS will be interesting.

THIS  being the next five weeks. Some might call it a race to the finish. It feels more like an ‘interesting’ tumble downhill. The list of things to do and places to go is … vaguely frightening.

All the ‘interesting’ is very nearly driving me into introvert mode. All I want to do is stare at my pretty flowers (The ones at work are from me to me. The ones at home are from the boy), make impulse purchases on Amazon, and watch River Monsters.

So I did, a little, for a bit.

Work wipes me out and then I feel guilty when my roomie and/or the boy don’t get awesome me. They get crabby, agitated, sleepy me. I need to pace myself better. 21 school days left.

Time to tumble on.

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