Thursday, April 18, 2013

... hold yourself together like a pair of bookends ...

Yesterday the clouds were nearly purple and swirling like they were full of snakes as I flew home from school yesterday afternoon. We’ve been testing this week and my brain and body are inexplicably tired. Who knew that watching a room full of kids fill in bubbles and making sure that they aren’t cheating could be so … utterly exhausting. I can’t wait for my unplanned Friday night so I can go to bed early. I guess you know you’re an old fogey when you get excited about things like bedtime. The storm blew in – a blessing that washed all of the yellow pollen out of the air and made things clean and fresh again, if only for a little while.

My soul longs for summer.
I was able to see (albeit briefly) another childhood friend – all grown up. She’s changed her name and had a baby and the family is lovely and well. It is so nice to see my friends enjoying their lives and making their way in the world. Even if it means they have to leave TigerTown and go far away to achieve their dreams. Dreams that involve wedding rings and tiny socks. It was actually kind of funny to reflect on the fact that I’m not married and I had a comment on how many people I’ve dated and not I’m not ‘settled down’ yet. I’m taking it as a compliment. Life experience is a wonderful thing!

There are NO tiny socks in my dreams. But there are dogs the size of small bears, backyards, grills and hammocks. Fireplaces. PJs. Handholding. Books. Coffee. Red lipstick. Really nice furniture. Passports. Great music.

And today I will be dancing around the kitchen singing Dave Barnes and Blake Shelton in my sock-feet.

Because I can.

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