Tuesday, April 23, 2013

... better not find you lookin' the other way. Isn't time you finally take it? Make it so good it steals your breath away?

I love buying products from small companies/local retailers. It's a little thing, but it makes me smile ALMOST as much as when I cuddle adorable puppies. Like this one!

So, of course Etsy has my PayPal and when I have presents I want to purchase I attempt to look for ways to avoid big box stores. At least when I can. My cousins adore Bath and Body Works, and there's no way I will find something from Corrin's wedding registry on Etsy. But there is something so ... fantastic about knowing that the thing you bought was made with love by the person you wrote a check to that just makes me ... filled with girlish glee. Especially when you KNOW the person you're writing the check to - they've made it and they are making their way in the world ... with their own awesome two hands.

The Cordial Churchman was started by an acquaintance from the church I attended in undergrad - Ellie. She and her hubs live in Rock Hill with their adorable children and church plant and a host of amazing bow ties. You should follow her blog - she has a great list of fashion and crafting blogs to peruse as well. From the business angle - the purchase I made arrived promptly, was wrapped beautifully, included nifty directions and was frighteningly dapper on my fella. Here's photo from the website, for general effect.

(Important note: Ellie only provides the TIES, not the dapper hipster dudes!)

So, if you ever find yourself in need of this particular piece of haberdashery - check out Ellie's store She even makes bowties for wedding parties.
Just sayin'.

Cufflinks are awesome - and you can get incredible custom ones from All About You Creations. Fast shipping, great craftsmanship, and exactly what I wanted. They are fairly fetching.
Just sayin'.

Yesterday I recovered from being exhausted from the boy's birthday weekend shenanigans- which included stolen wizard robes, walking the town, me getting a bit too silly, Waffle House, celebrating ANOTHER birthday at Saskatoon's (tried ostrich, 'roo, and gator)
 and a very early Monday morning. I thought that such an awesome weekend deserved an even more awesome Monday, so I got myself these flowers, which are beautiful, real, necessary and totally not on the weekly budget.

I find it interesting how many of my female students (and co-workers) find it shocking that I get myself flowers. Honestly, I have discovered that boy-creatures like giving them and I like getting them, but if I WANT FLOWERS the best way to have them is to get them for myself.

And Nancy Etcoff says they are good for me. SOLD!

Skipped the gym. Unrepentant. Will fix that today.

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