Thursday, April 25, 2013

... blame me, I will wear it in the empty, hollow part of my garden ...

This is what my desk had looked like since HSAP testing. As of yesterday afternoon about 4 IEPs, 6 papers, a week's worth of lessons and what shards of my sanity that remain are hidden somewhere in that mess.


Well, now the desk looks better.

There were 7 actual IEPs in that mess, by the way. Now they are all on the way to the D.O. with colorful paperclips holding them together. Now I only have 7 more to do between now and the end of the school year! (Man, are there a LOT of spring babies or is it just me?)

In other news, it is generally ill-advised to break school rules. Loudly. In the hallway. Outside a classroom. When you are ALREADY in trouble. And when a teacher asks you to turn in the device that is causing problems, it is a worse idea to R-U-N-N-O-F-T (name that movie!) down the hall. And hide your ID. And then, when stopped by the same teacher to go to the office for now having a phone and not having an ID … running away again is yet another bad idea. Especially when her backup arrives. And her backup is a cop.

Just sayin’. Bad call, kiddo.

Today I am parting with some furniture that is very … well loved. Mom and Dad got it when I was in grade school, newish. Now it is far from newish and very … rumpled. Instead of new furniture, which I will likely never have, I have decided to take my grandparent’s cast-off sofa and loveseat from their beach rental. They do not match my house, but I have secret weapons – Pinterest and a slipcover. The slipcover is for the sofa, and I will be attempting to cover the loveseat with sheets as I have seen on Pinterest. Wish me luck! Craftiness is not my forte.

I think the boy is well aware of that already.
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  1. The point is crafting is fun...even when you suck.