Friday, April 19, 2013

... love is thick and sweet and a hair wide ...

Today is a OH MY WORD JUST LET ME BE kind of day. Or I’d like it to be. I am as nervous as a long-tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs and ate a ton of pistachios just now for ABSOLUTELY no reason other than the fact they were crunchy and fun to shell. I shouldn’t be this hungry, really. At least they were also delicious. I still don’t know why I’m so nervy.

I just want to curl up and be alone and listen to rain and breathe and read. Maybe soak in the tub and drink some vino, or even just cuddle with my cat and listen to NPR.
None of these things will actually happen. I will go work out at 9Round, then shower or change or run some more, and get coffee with Big B and then go home and (most likely) clean and set up a guest airbed and cook and maybe get another key cut for the new cleaners that are coming this Sunday and fold laundry and get things together for my long weekend next weekend and … I am running out of steam just thinking about it because I am ALREADY TIRED JUST SITTING HERE.

I am out of words, out of sorts, out of energy, out of place, and oddly feel out of time. Not like I’m running out of time, but like I’m in the wrong spot in time.

Perhaps this is a direct result of too much Dr. Who.

Or the rain.

Thankfully Liz-tro-vert days are few and far between.

Thankfully, boxing helps.

Thankfully, this weekend will be a blast.

And tonight, I will hopefully rest.
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