Wednesday, April 17, 2013

… I’ve been losin' sleep, I've been keepin' myself awake …

I am bad at getting out of bed. I will wake up and just … lay there. Sometimes on my iPad, sometimes just day-dreaming. Sometimes I am all snuggly and giddy and sometimes I am just really annoyed by the idea of mornings. If I actually slept like a normal person, this wouldn’t be the case.

This particular morning I was up at 5ish (trying a new alarm system, with THREE alarms in different places in the room) but still had issues getting out the door by 7 to get to work early for a meeting. I was a snail about getting my shower, packing my gym bag, grabbing my lunch (prepacked), and dressing. I just couldn’t get moving well. This seems to happen EVERY workday.

I have considered and tried several options. The multi-alarm idea gets me out of bed. The coffee-alarm gets me out of bed and caffeinated, but causes spills and messes. I can almost disable just my phone alarm while still asleep. Waking up EARLIER and going to the gym helps a little, but I am switching gyms for good in June so this will not be a viable option next year.

I really have nothing against Gold’s as far as typical gyms go. Other than the sauna they mentioned they were adding at one time but have never ACTUALLY gotten around to doing – I have no complaints over the last two years. It is a big, nice area with lots of cardio machines and some classes I like to do on occasion. The times it is open are decent. The Cardio Cinema is very lovely. And the little ‘ladies only’ area is great for me sneaking in some weights when I feel sufficiently motivated. The motivation is the issue with Gold’s and that problem is entirely MY fault. 9Round seems like a better fit for the time being. 

Not only is the workout HIIT, which I need to tone up for bathing suit season, it is social, quick, and varied. I get one-on-one attention from staff when I go in as well as throughout my workout, I can do partner sets, and I can start a ‘class’ at any time.  Sadly, there isn’t reciprocity with other 9Round gyms that I am aware of – but a travel fee of about $9 every once in a blue moon is OK to deal with. The morning hours are not work friendly. But I would NOT want to do this workout before school. The people there motivate you – hardcore. If you walk in there is NO way you will weasel out of getting the best workout you can give that day. My workout buddy and I sweat way too much and are way too tired after for it to not be a great workout. Yesterday involved at least two three-minute intervals with some form of crunches THE WHOLE TIME. And I was introduced to burpees.

I do not like burpees. Apparently no one does. Not even the trainers.

I got hand-wraps and gloves (yellow and pink respectively) and wouldn’t you know – the pink gloves are the lightest weight gloves they have. I picked them based on color. The boy has since informed me that training gloves are supposed to be heavier than that (of course he would know these things) so I am boxing with lighter-weight gloves than I perhaps should be. Also the wraps are super weird and hard to put on. Also - I failed TWICE at wrapping them around themselves when I was trying to leave the gym. Because my arms were twitchy, even with the 'diva' gloves.


No time to rest though, this week is jam packed –  tomorrow is coffee with Brian and trivia night, and Saturday is a blues festival right here in TigerTown, the boy’s Bday, and mini-barcrawl adventure, and maybe even another Bday adventure on Sunday for another friend! 

And workouts hopefully three more days this week. Yay?

P.S. Interested in Upstate-goings-on that involve blues music? SURE YOU ARE! 
P.P.S. Vindaloo curry is not for the faint-hearted. Or weak-stomached. But apparently my cat LOVES it!

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