Thursday, July 5, 2012

... cold is the water - it freezes your already cold mind ...

Since the beginning of my first summer as a school district employee, meaning my first summer of freedom and daring, I have done many crazy, odd things - dancing all the the time, reading relaxing books, riding my bike in 104 degree weather, last minute day trips, going to plays, drinking moonshine, jumping in mountain creeks, not having a sleep schedule, not having ANY SCHEDULE AT ALL, fireworks, hanging out downtown with old friends, drinking way too many iced teas at Starbucks, sleeping in tents, and seeing all the people I love and want to spend time with. I am looking into more real estate, am sporting a vicious tan (especially cute biking tan lines, I might add), I am watching Frasier and documentaries, and really trying to embrace the good things being thrown my way. I am using my computer less, and doing more. I am registering a team for a Mud Run (maybe! It's expensive).

As an example of how crazy my life has become, my weekend plans involve biking around 35 miles on Saturday morning, coming home, packing camping gear, driving up the mountain, setting up camp, contra dancing for around 4 hours, camping out AND THEN hiking on Sunday.

But today, I deep cleaned.

Now, most people who know me how important that phrase is - but in case you didn't - when I deep clean, it is for a reason. Why on earth would I deep clean my car, bedroom, bathroom, or various and sundry areas in my house instead of doing the more exciting things I could be doing - like laying out and reading, or the things I should be doing - like going to the gym or going through the mail?

Because I can't think straight. I Monday quarterback everything. I over think and over analyze and worry. For example - as delightful as having a summer off is, I feel like I can't plan ahead for next year and I'll be behind at something I've never tried before. And then the brain loop. And this builds and builds the nerves can't be fixed by a brew or yoga or a bike ride - and I want to avoid too much delicious food because I am happy my behind is smaller than it used to be - so I turn to Clorox wipes. 

And this is just ONE thing on my mind. There are others. And they bug me too. And they all have loops. So I clean until they all get sorted whilst I scrub or I am too tired to care. Because I don't currently have the stamina to take all this out on the treadmill and dance is on other nights.

Thank goodness for Clorox.

Since I've taken a break, I will get vino, order a pizza, make some yummy beverages (Thanks for the tips, KF!), and keep cleaning. Hey, a night in after 2.5 weeks of adventure is a good idea.

And I will have the cleanest, comfiest bedroom ever on Sunday as a reward for my crazy weekend.

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