Monday, June 30, 2014

... on the road again ...

The rest of last week was a bit of a whirlwind! Thursday I was able to visit with some lovely nuclear folks at Ye Olde Sandwich Shoppe and Seneca's Jazz on the Alley. If you visit Ye Olde, might I recommend the Strawberry Stack? Think Montecristo, minus the battering and deep frying. The strawberry jam MADE it! The actual jazz was hilarious and at times somewhat painful, but it was nice to see downtown Seneca opened up and made tourist friendly - there are some shops I would like to revisit during the daytime.

On Friday McLain and I took a trip to Helen, GA. It was a nice 2ish hour drive, although we had a late start due to me being neurotic and needing things from the store at 7am, like I do. We went tubing down the river with Cool River Tubing, which was delightful! The river is gentle and slow, with only a few rapidly flowing parts. It would be great for a family with kids - buy a few trips and set the kiddos loose! McLain got a 'push stick', which was helpful as my tube was difficult and determined to get stuck at every opportunity.

We were ravenous after all the extreme effort it took to float to the outpost, so we used some leftover credit to eat at Bodensee. I figured, hey - when in 'alpine' vaguely German mountain towns do as the locals do - and thus, this restaurant was chosen. Just in case you were wondering, Germans do NOT mess around with the butter and cheese. This was a stick-to-your-ribs repast, and not at all low calorie or low fat. McLain got a smoked pork chop with sauerkraut and I got the chicken schnitzel with mushrooms and bacon and cheese. We also split a Camembert cheese appetizer. There was much dairy. It was delightful. Although, as I've been leaving salt out of things I'm cooking lately, it seemed a tad salty. It was probably fine for normal folk.

We also took the new red beast out for a ride. I drove, motivated solely by the fact that no beer would be in the growlers this weekend unless I drove us to the Wall of Beer. McLain knows how to motivate a ornery and reluctant driver. I like driving the truck in theory, but it is still a lot to remember. Shift here, watch the RPMs, blah blah. I can almost listen to the radio instead of being coached the whole drive. As Yankee loves the truck, hopefully I will become more confident and will get him to the lake more often.

Saturday morning was lazy, with a 10 mile run after noon and selling the old metal fence via
Craigslist-Fu. Making some cash back on something you aren't using is pretty great. The evening was devoted to contradance at River Falls Lodge. Contra is a very odd mixture of square-dancing, English country dancing, bluegrass and hippies. It is a BLAST. You are walked through it, the music is surprisingly addictive, and coordination is not required. The band this past weekend, ContraForce, is known for being more techno-ish and they jammed out!

In retrospect, it was the weekend of mountain drives. Pumpkintown is in the middle of nowhere. But it is quite pretty on the way to nowhere.

Cropshare madness ensued, because summer's here and so are the squash. And cucumbers. And tomatoes. And beans. Between the two of us, McLain and I made roasted green beans, froze about two pounds of yellow beans, froze another two pounds of squash, summer veggie tartlets, veggie soup, pesto, and pasta primavera. We still have beets, cucumbers, kohlrabi, tomatoes, zucchini, and green onions to use up. I have been eating cucumbers with lots of hummus for snacks. The zucchini is going to be used in this bread that Katie made while I'm visiting Grandot in the woods.

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