Wednesday, May 2, 2012

"... my lonely eyes deceive me - oh, you can't know how I'm feeling - don't make it easy..."

Not having a working laptop (at least 90% of the time) makes posting on this little blog a bit difficult. I have carved out some time to update, because some of you have mentioned that you have missed my blog posts!

(Read - Flattery gets you blog posts)

Major and minor things that have taken place of late –
  1. Crossed off some goals! I read two books on my list (and lots of others - you know, the easy fun books) and I will do a review on them soon. I also gave up caffeine for a month, went to a movie alone, and tried yoga. And I LIKED yoga. So I may be doing more of it. I cross the items off my list in the original post as they are completed, if anyone is keeping track at home.
  2. I’ve decided I like biking. Enough to commit to a 20 some-odd mile ride on Sunday. Enough to reexamine my budget and consider getting a bike. This is saying something, seeing as I don’t have a working laptop!
  3. My funding got cut and I am applying to jobs like a crazy fiend (maybe that phrase is a bit redundant). I've already applied to 5 today. I will be unemployed as of the 1st of June unless something changes. I am a ball of nerves about it and it makes me want to crawl in a hole. Just in case you were wondering, the process is demoralizing in the extreme. Which may be why I am turning to my old friend C8H10N4O2  so often.
  4. I have scheduled and booked a real grown up vacation to DC for Red Hot Blues and BBQ. Normal family plans on that weekend be damned. I am going. I will dance. I will demonstrate that I posses dancing techniques that resemble those usually implemented by Mick Jagger. I will also explore DC in a very haphazard and boisterous manner. With a map. And a phone. And not much else. You will receive far too many details on the blog. Red Hot Blues and BBQ
  5. I will be going to CHEX, as I have registered and have housing. Excitement level is similar to that of the DC trip. It will be WONDERFUL. And in Charleston. Maybe fewer blog details, but HOLY LORD IT’S CHARLESTON! Have I mentioned that the Holy City is my favorite? CHEX - Lindy in the Lowcountry
  6. I have been eating whole foods, cooking a ton, and loving it. Although it’s not super cheap to do so, I’ve been happier with how I feel, etc.
  7. I discovered ModCloth and Etsy. As well as WOOT, TeeFury, and Qwertees. This is complicating my plans to buy a bike, laptop, or eliminate debt. And ruining my productivity! What have a purchased, you ask? A print, a robe, some fisherman pants, and some sundresses. And shirts with nerdiness on them. I have avoided the shiny things. For now.
  8. I have called my HOA like a MFing ADULT in an attempt to remove an unsavory shall-not-be-named squatter.
  9. Come to think of it, various other things have been dealt with in a rather adult-like manner, which pleases me somewhat. Ask if you'd like details.
  10. I had to give away some clothes because they were TOO BIG. This NEVER HAPPENS TO ME EVER. I’ll take it!
  11. Found a new band I love. They wrote the song containing the lyrics I stole for my title. Who can figure out the band? 
    I know that this is sort of cheating and a bit of a laundry-list post … but … more later. I PROMISE!

    Obligatory videos and music -  

    Rediscovered this old favorite. You WILL sing it at work mentally after a listen or two. Truth.

    One day I will be this good at blues - DID YOU SEE THOSE HIP ISOLATIONS?

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      P.S. That video? That's Damon Stone. Damon Stone is... well... fantastic. Seriously like the go-to authority on traditional blues dancing. A really great teacher too. So don't feel bad if you're not that good yet!

      Also I'm SO freaking excited about CHEX and RHBnB! (speaking of, CHEX carpool? I have no boy-like obligations to speak of, so I can go WHEREVER I WANT!! (Although rabid guinea pigs are a concern. Or maybe just normal ones)

      And, did you throw anything on the ground while you were being an adult?