Monday, December 12, 2011

... here lies a man that said what he meant - a heart of gold and a head of cement ...

QotD - "Sometimes you forget, I'm a lady. And, with that comes an estrogen-fueled need to page through thick glossy magazines that make me hate my body.” Amy F. Fowler, Big Bang Theory

So, my update schedule proves that everyday blogging will not be a trial you will have to endure, at least for the rest of this week. Over the break, I can’t readily say what I will be in the mood for. But, I will not be huddled in my room under blankets the whole time! I have broken the roommate stalemate – I have finally turned on the heat in the house! Well, at least on my floor, as I am not (yet) ballsy enough to simply rule both thermostats with a fist of iron. But honestly, 64 degrees Fahrenheit is not an unreasonable temperature for the inside of a home in the wintertime. It’s much easier to get out of bed when you don’t feel like you’ll freeze in the cold dark whilst dressing. I wish the sun came up at 5am every day. I am so much more productive in the summer, when the sun rises earlier and stays up longer – when the sky is dark when I’m waking up I drag all day and want to sleep as soon as I get home. I’m very “the sun has gone to bed and so must I …” at times.

I have been very busy over the past while, dancing in a parade (listening to the same obnoxiously cheery Christmas song 58 times), doing lots of baking, hosting parties, going to parties, cleaning my house, and avoiding shopping like the plague until the 15th, which is when I get my paycheck. Then I will try to get it all done in one day and be finished and wrapped (least favorite part) by the next. I have been quietly plotting who gets what, it is merely actually following through on my prearranged plan. I’m rather proud. Maybe my pre-holiday meltdown has caused me to compartmentalize just enough. I still maintain that I’d rather bake a lot of cookies, pass them out, and call it a day. Presents make holidays complicated.

I also have been plotting for Lindy Focus. The first way has been actually getting to the gym and working out a lot so I won’t die of muscle-overuse, because last year I felt like I might! I actually will use the week of the 19th to get morning and evening workouts in, every day (up til the 24th, of course). The other is that I have let out my inner OCD tendencies and have made a (to date) 27 point checklist (counting only the major points) of what I have to do to be ‘ready’ for the vacation. It makes me a little happier every time I see it, and actually makes me feel like I won’t forget something essential this Christmas/NYE. I also have been scoping out my schedule … it is amazing! I may get some sleep! One day I don’t have class til 2pm, and I’m wondering what I should take as my ‘extras’ on Field Day. Should I attend the lecture on the ‘Origins of Modern Lindy Hop’ or the one on ‘Less Known Dance Histories’? Take in the vintage accessories workshop? Learn about vintage hair and makeup? Or just do a lot of practicing? I am spoiled for choices!

I saw a friend from AGES ago (Ruth, my BFF in elementary school) and was actually pleased when I realized that she and I had changed, but in an abnormal sort of parallel way. While neither one of us was quite what we had thought we would be at our very pious, pure, and idealistic 14 year old stage, we have become rather reasonable adults who are living full (if at times dramatic) lives. It’d be funny if we could co-write a blog filled with some of our more ‘hilarious’ misadventures. While she has the adventure of the big city and distance from her home turf, I think the little world I’ve landed in is just-Goldilocks-right for me at the moment. Which means, of course, it’s about to change so fast my head will twirl. C'est la vie.

I feel victorious, because I have fought with my Macbook and won – I was unable to read my Kindle book because of an OS problem and now I have reinstalled an old version of Kindle and I have all my books back, including the one about Freud and Jung! The book is making for slow going, but it’s actually making me quite thoughtful. I didn’t know any of the information before, so I shouldn’t be surprised that I’m being slowed down. I also figured out that the movie is extremely limited release, so no one needs to be terrified that I’ll drag them to the movie until after the 2nd, at least. Apparently, it’s rather common knowledge that Freud was sleeping with his wife’s sister, and the theme for sleeping with your sister’s wife was all throughout literature and being studied rather widely across academic circle for that time period. I also am just beginning to touch on Spielrein’s ‘Siegfried’ complex. It’s becoming quite clear that both Jung and Freud were rather flawed people, but very strangely invested in each other – to the point of keeping some rather dark secrets. I have also just been ‘introduced’ to Karl Abraham, the student that will replace Jung as the ‘favorite’ when Jung begins to question some major points in Freud’s theories. Learning is fun!

New must see movie ... the newest Sherlock Holmes. Comes out on the 16th!

I have, for the present, given up on the hope of ever finding an appropriate red lipstick. It took another botch up at a friend’s party (she had such a lovely color on, I just had to try again) and he gentle sigh of ‘red just isn’t your color – let’s do copper’ to cement the cruel fact in my head. Oh well. I’ll find a way to be vintage-y without. At least my hair is wavy enough to where I don’t have to learn how to do pincurls, which saves a ton of time when I attempt to replicate a look. And red or not, my lips are amazing and fantastic. To date, I have yet to hear any complaints.

Off to trivia tonight ... hopefully we will be as awesome as we were last week.

Extra credit video - Hello! - Book of Mormon

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