Thursday, December 15, 2011

... Come on-a my house, my house, I’m gonna give you candy …

Tuesday was a bizarre kind of day. We had the ‘office party’ at work and my sherry cream brownies were a hit (thankfully) so I was able to get rid of the remainder of a pan – now I only have a half a pan left over of the two I made last week. Thank heavens. Those things are dangerous to have around the house for too long! I actually gave the last bit of one to a co-worker to feed to her three grown sons over the holidays and will be bringing my other leftovers to another teacher tomorrow. I won a pair of cozy socks and was able to eat yummy food made by the amazing cooks here. Some of the food is just too good to get the recipe for. I would never eat healthy food again!

I then did some Christmas window shopping, tried to acquire a hat that didn’t make me look completely crazy and odd (mission resulted in failure and will be resumed on Thurs) and got ready to go dancing. I also was able to chat with some people on the phone to catch up – it is the season of the Christmas grovels and the awkward ‘thinking of you’ phone calls, of course. While changing clothes in my car in a shopping center (like a boss!), I got some sad phone calls and text messages, which concerned me, but I had no real way of helping the person over the phone. I decided to try to get back in the mood to dance, and moseyed over to the Handlebar.

I love my bartender at the Handlebar. He knows what I want, and remembers me no matter how much of a lapse there is between visits. Gary is a delight. I walked in and wanted to pay for my dance ticket at the bar and ended up with my usual shot of bourbon and some conversation as well. Swell guy. Make sure you leave him an awesome tip if you ever drink there.

As for the dancing – holy high-schoolers, Batman!  I was distracted with friend-situations, so I didn’t dance much, but I felt old. Some of these kiddos were so young! I just couldn’t get into it as much as I normally did. So I danced a little and went home early-ish. When I got home, the coroner’s ambulance was outside my house (Is it an ambulance or a morgue on wheels? Does anyone know the right term?) along with the police and some firemen and someone very official looking with a clipboard - and I panic. Not for any sane reason but because there was a dead person in a van in front of my house. So I went to Wal-Mart. I walked around in a daze. And then I went home and went to sleep and dreamed a freaky-weird little dream. Now, I’m no expert, but the combination of stress and dead people and reading about Freud and dream analysis may have brought this on. It probably has no ‘real’ meaning other then I should go to bed earlier. But it was vivid and strange, so I will share.

I dreamed that I was asleep and that I woke up. I was wearing some amazing pink silk pajamas (key indicator that it was a dream, because I don’t own any awesome silk pajamas, pink or otherwise). I also had a tattoo I’d been wanting for awhile. I was sleeping on my back then I got up and went to look out my window. All of a sudden there were big pink silk polka dots on the floor with a red ring around the edge. I was somewhat concerned, but pulled back the blinds instead of looking closely at the dots. I was in space. Possibly in geocentric orbit around the earth (not too sure) but I was looking out my window into the ‘final frontier’. I became somewhat annoyed, and I felt like my entire back side of my body was on fire. So I turned around and looked at my bed. It was comprised completely of blue drinking glasses with sharp edges. Glasses with an opening the same size as the pink silk polka dots on the floor. Then this weird voice came booming through the room and said “Test status - failure. Subject remains. Continue with prescribed method.” I muttered under my breath, noticed my coffeemaker was gone, and decided I needed to shower. I got to my bathroom, ran the water, and hopped in the shower, which had saltwater coming out of it instead of regular. Circular patches of skin fell off when I showered but healed right up when the water rinsed them. I was getting nauseated looking at my skin dots in the drain when I woke up.

My first reaction was a panicked flail toward the window to make sure I wasn’t in space. What the heck?
Then of course I was late to work and had some iffy experiences throughout the day resulting in some overall ‘meh’ moments. But mostly, just bummed that it was Wednesday and that the day was SO LONG. My evening was great, once I got off work and was able to get my stuff sorted out.

Today I actually has a great morning and got to work on time. I was also extremely giddy because we had our school musical and a sing along. I got to wear my fuzzy Grinch pajamas and watch the classic ‘How the Grinch Stole Christmas’ on my desktop as I did paperwork. I love that movie! I’m just thrilled it finally feels like Christmas.

This afternoon I will be attempting to get coffee with someone and do all my Christmas shopping in less than 3 hours. Overachiever? Maybe!

Extra Credit Videos - Friendship Algorithm and Rock Paper Scissors (Lizard Spock). ENJOY!

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