Tuesday, August 5, 2014

... yo, sound the bell - school is in ...

It is about THAT time. Stores are selling out of composition books, teachers are getting rosters and class schedules, and loving friends are volunteered for hours of pencil sharpening. New clothes are being purchased (although I am still not allowed to purchase any cardigans).  Nights cuddling with my lesson plan book are in my near future.

This will be year three for me – which means no more evaluations or induction. Training wheels are off. I have some basic plans in place. I have a feel for what works and what really REALLY didn't. I know (most) of the people I am working with. I have my running/early morning routine MOSTLY down. There are changes with how I’ll be spending my days (split between more teachers/teaching more students) but basically I’ll be doing what I did last year. 

I don’t talk about students or work on my blog with any real frequency. It is not due to a lack of love for what I do – trust me, ask me about the state of things in education and you cannot shut me up – but for the reason that my job and my personal life need a little (or a lot of) separation.  The summer is a glorious time where I don’t have to juggle the two.

This week and last week I had a few meetings and emails to prepare me for the impending ‘real world’. Then I took a little last minute trip to the Holy City to see McLain’s family and babysit. We stopped in Columbia to see my aunt and check in on her business ventures and new location! The Box Lunch and The Happy Cookers/Chocolate Nirvana Bakery & CafĂ© have moved to a new location close to Fort Jackson and should be open soon! My cousin and I got a photo by this awesome mural they have on the outside of the building they moved into. The kitchen is amazing and they have about 8 Kitchen Aid stand mixers.

After a visit and tour we hopped back on the highway to Charleston. McLain booted me out of the car at MUSC to spend some time with Mrs. G – who is working on a project about getting rats drunk and neurons or whatever (it’s a lot fancier than that). I was in her wedding last year and she and her hubs are super cute and super happy. She and I were roomies in college and needed a long block of girl-time. She whisked me away to Bon Banh Mi for lunch – which was beyond amazing. I got the five spice pork sandwich and was blown away. Then Mrs. G and I walked around and caught up and I got the lab tour.

One thing I love about big cities is walk-ability. I got finished up at the lab and then walked to where McLain and I were meeting one of HIS college buddies (now a Fancy-Pants Dr. Dude) and his wife. We got dinner at Virginia’s on King. The fellas both got the fried chicken and Mrs. Fancy-Pants and I got BBQ sliders and bouillabaisse, respectively. We all split the tomato pie as a starter. For real, authentic soul food that isn't swimming in grease with an upscale feel, this is a good place to go. The locals know it too – the tables were busy! Mrs. Fancy-Pants and I shared love of many things – including desserts. We had both heard glorious reviews of Kaminsky’s and because we had lighter dinners dessert was in order.  It was a short amble to the dessert bar, and we got a table. The menu and bakery case are daunting. McLain got an Irish coffee with his key lime pie, Dr. & Mrs. Fancy-Pants got the marshmallow chocolate cake, and I got (at the recommendation of our delightful waiter) the toll house pie.  I usually avoid sugar, because it makes me spiral into sugar-craving-central for the next … forever. This pie was worth it

It was a pecan-pie/chocolate cookie/brownie hybrid. Oh my word, y’all. Just … say yes. And my choice was the best - even though the other choices weren't shabby.

The next day was devoted to childcare for McLain’s niece. She is adorable! She was also in a new place without mommy or gam-ma. It was raining and she was sad. She was my little snuggle-bug all day. I learned that potty-training is hard, a twenty-two pound kiddo gets HEAVY after a while, and that I am not ready for that level of responsibility on a daily basis. We ordered awesome pie from Baroni’s Pizza – they make their Italian sausage in-house and self-medicated with the most decadent pint available and True Blood after the wee one was in bed. Like adults. 

On the way back into Collegetown, we stopped off to visit my grandparents in Summerville. We got lunch at Pug’s Tavern and we got great burgers and cocktails. My grandparents are pretty peppy for late 80’s, so they were very happy to see us. When we got home, we cooked more crop-share veggies and I self-medicated a little with more ice-cream.  What’s a four day running break without some over indulgence?

Rant of the week, using GoT (Joffery) to make a point: Preparing to be a Help Meet - The King Part 1 & Part 2

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