Sunday, May 25, 2014

... we ain't leavin' this room 'til someone needs medical help or the magnolias bloom ...

Things have been interesting the first part of the long weekend. I have thoroughly been enjoying the extra free time, but haven’t been resting up as much as I perhaps should have. My sweet Great Dane has been keeping me company over the past week, when I am at the house he shadows my every step and does little ‘patrols’ to check the perimeter. He is usually a sweet, well behaved dog … but more on that later.

Saturday was interesting for several reasons – the first being that I won an award in a race. It wasn’t a participation medal, either! I, by some fluke, place first in my age group in the ColorFest run in Seneca. It was a small event, and I was thoroughly shocked. My time wasn’t even as good as I had wanted, but much improved over the time I had on the same course last year. As 5Ks go, this one is small and fun. The ‘color’ aspect isn’t as dramatic or as outrageous as the official ‘Color Run’ races, but the upside is that this race does give you a time and is a full 5K (the one in Clemson this year was a bit short). A friend of mine and her mother also ran in the 5K. It was the mom's first ever! She did very well. After the run, I went to 9R and cleaned up for the evening. 

Attending a high school commencement is at times exciting and at times quite tedious. Every class is convinced that they are the most important class in the history of the school. Each student speaker has a combination of naive and meaningful comments to make on the forward passage of time. And each student is headed off into the future – excited, scared, energized, and hopeful. It’s bittersweet and exhausting. But again, that could’ve been my shoes, which earned me a bit of an unfortunate nickname.

Dress - ModCloth Stylish Surprise (out of stock)
Shoes - Target (out of stock - similar)

This morning I tried a new running route (more hills than I was anticipating, slower than I was anticipating, hotter than I was anticipating). It looped through the local Christian collage that I attended for dual credit during high school. It was odd to be back for the first time in years. The buildings are more modern, perhaps due to expanding their programs and having more donors.  It’s easy to forget about having two colleges in the same town when one is so much larger than the other.

I took the dog for a day at the lake with one of my friends and one of his doggie pals. Some discoveries were made, including that Yankee likes trail running, the fence around the beach does not enclose the beach fully, trail running barefoot in a bikini is hard, dogs don’t understand traffic, and that THIS dog is never allowed off lead for any reason. Yankee is fine. My knees (and dignity) are a bit scuffed up.  

One thing about having a Dane is that everyone always wants to pet them, ask how much they eat, tell you that they are huge … etc. Once Yankee was recaptured, many friends were made and he was much admired. My pet peeve about this is that sometimes people don’t ASK first. I know it’s hard to resist this face – but for the love of Pete! Remember your doggie manners, guys.

Random recipe I attempted, via RunEatRepeat. Not bad! I subbed in a ‘lighter’ hummus mixed with Greek yogurt I found in Ingles. 

Random podcast to listen to – Welcome to Night Vale! Guys, I am addicted. Go! Go now! Listen and be amazed!

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